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Tarot Readings

Brief personal summaries of each deck. Note that We can (and usually will!) spice up your reading with some Oracle cards, too. We have the Witching Hour, Kim Krans' Alchemy and also Animal Spirits, and Odin & the Nine Realms. Feel free to ask for any Tarot or Oracle deck(s) for your reading.


Beautifully balanced themes and easily relatable images detailed as both wildly natural and at the same time more commonplace.  So much can been seen in each card and yet not overly complex.  This is the default deck We choose for you if you do not pick one.

druidcraft tarot.jpg


All the traditional Tarot characters appear here, with warm pastel coloring. Intricate imagery and very easy on the eyes. Choose this deck if you'd like your reading done with a more classic Tarot style.


Wild Unknown

Artist Kim Krans' creation uses modern, classic, natural and esoteric concepts over traditional Tarot themes.  Truly inspiring imagery with power in how it can depict with stunning simple forms to bursts of color and complexity.  This deck is good for all ages.

wildunkown tarot.jpg

Shawn Coss (Any Means Necessary)

A dark trek down a path not for the timid.  Artist Shawn Coss captures soulful imagery that can resonate with anyone, but beware and prepare for what shadows dwell.

amn tarot.jpg


A beautiful and powerful representation of feminist Tarot, women's art, and Earth-based spirituality. Each card is a unique work of art by women from all over the world, collected over many years. A welcome departure from the norm of Tarot while remaining true to its roots.

wemoon tarot.jpg


Author and artist Laura Perry brings her passion, practice and study of Minoan culture here.  Based on real-world Minoan art and customs, and includes linear B tablature writings on the cards. A unique modern interpretation from a society far older than Tarot itself.

minoan tarot.jpg

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Meditative Energy Balancing

We can help with meditation by guiding one (you!) through a quiet, peaceful time of focus.  While We ask you to relax as completely as possible, We talk through the things that may come into your mind.  Sights, sounds, emotions and memories can cause a jumble of feelings in our daily lives and so We have found it is healthy to take some time to just let them all be.  By that, We mean to not judge any of the experiences, emotions or reactions to thoughts as 'good' or 'bad'.

Let us help you experience tranquility for a time at your favorite relaxation spot.  Or, We will work with you to find one!  With this experience you can eventually learn enough where you can do this for yourself at any time you need to, regardless of your situation.

Here is an *example* (not an actual session)

of how a meditation may look:

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