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Hello I'm

Paulie VonEdWærd-Benjamin


We are a Lover of Peace and Wrestler of Shadows. A strong believer in the Power of the Self.

We know Humanity must evolve out of the survival mode so many of us still struggle with, mostly due to outdated, draconian and violent belief systems of oppression and control.

We are outspoken on mental/brain health, being schizophrenic.

As a non-binary person ('demi-masculine maverique', if you must know), We are passionate about equality and rights for ALL Humans, regardless of what boxes they may be put into.

Also check out our poetry page here!


Peace, Blessings, and Have Fun -- be that as it mote!

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The concept of owning and operating a place like 'Earth Star, Heart Root' for more than just curiosity and fun began so very many years ago.  It's finally here, and there are so very many people We need to thank.  Yet most of all this is for those who inspired us, and those who stood by us through it all.  Thank you.

Love is the greatest gift & blessing. ​ -Paulie, 2023

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