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Welcome to
Earth Star, Heart Root

Tarot & Oracle card Readings

* in person or online *

Energy Balancing Meditation


We offer open

Guided Meditations

on YouTube Live every 2 weeks!

We are at Moondrop Herbals (by appointment, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA):

​Tuesday-Thursday 1-5pm

Sunday 1-3:30pm

The Journey

At Earth Star, Heart Root, we believe that each individual’s life, story and voice are valid and should be heard. And we can all learn how to listen to ourselves more. A Tarot or Oracle card reading or a guided meditation can help you to find that you already hold the answers you need. We simply help to hopefully bring clarity to your vision.


Customized for Your Comfort

We can meet with you wherever you like, whether it be at our table at Moondrop Herbals in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the library, the park, your home, or wherever you may choose.


Moondrop Herbals hours

(by appointment):

​Tuesday-Thursday 1-5pm, Sunday 1-3:30pm

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